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Hemp Twine

Hemp twine, colored hemp twine, natural hemp rope for making hemp jewelry, crafts and gardening.  Hemp fiber is strong, durable and eco friendly, no chemicals or pesticides are used in its production. The dye is chemical free and sizes available range from 1mm to 3mm thickness.  For bulk orders of hemp twine please contact us for discount pricing.

1mm – Standard size for hemp jewelry
2mm – Thicker hemp jewelry and crafts
3mm – Dog leashes, collars, thick hemp jewelry

What is the difference between hemp twine and cord?

The difference is in how they are made. Hemp twine is made with less strands of fiber than cord and may be uneven in thickness and have knotty bits and fly aways. Hemp cord is round and even in thickness throughout the strand  making it the best choice for making high quality macrame jewelry.

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