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Bulk Cowrie Shells, 1 Kilo, 900pcs, Medium Size -B565

Bulk Cowrie Shells, 1 Kilo, 900pcs, Medium Size -B565




Bulk cowrie shells for making jewelry, gluing onto frames and crafts. These shells are an off white / cream color and vary in size from 18mm / 3/4 inch to 5/8 inch long – there is a mix of medium sizes. This is the most popular size used for making hemp jewelry, not too big and not too small.

These shells are sliced in half, they do not have holes and are good quality shells for jewelry making and crafts.

There is approximately 800 – 900 pieces per bag.
Weight of one bag is 2 lbs.

You will receive one bag

We offer shells in 3 sizes – small, medium and large.

We can supply larger  quantities of shells if you require Рcontact us for an order.



Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs


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