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Gold Organic Cotton Cord, 1mm, Sold By The Yard

organic cotton 1mm
organic cotton cord

Gold Organic Cotton Cord, 1mm, Sold By The Yard


1 – 5   yards –  $0.79 cents per yard
6 – 10  yards – $0.75 cents per yard
11 – 20 Yards – $0.70 cents per yard
21 – 99 Yards – $0.65 cents per yard
100 Yards + – $0.50 cents per yard



In stock


Product Description

Organic cotton  cord is dyed with chemical free dye and is certified organic. Chemicals are prohibited throughout the entire production process and the water in the dye bath is later returned to the environment with no dye particles remaining. Organic cotton is good for the environment because it only takes about 10% of the water that standard cotton uses to grow it. Most of the water used for standard cotton is needed to activate the chemical fertilizers and pesticides.



Sold by the Yard

Additional Information

Weight 0.00625 lbs

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