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Red Organic Cotton Cord, 1mm, Sold By The Yard

Red Organic Cotton Cord, 1mm, Sold By The Yard


1 – 5   yards –  $0.79 cents per yard
6 – 10  yards – $0.75 cents per yard
11 – 20 Yards – $0.70 cents per yard
21 – + Yards – $0.65 cents per yard



This cord is a tubular braid not twisted and is made of 8 strands of 2/26 certified organic cotton that gives some firmness and enables the cord to hold its its shape. There is no wax on it because commercial waxes are made with petroleum but you can coat it yourself with beeswax to protect it.

Organic cotton cord can be used as necklace cord, for making macrame jewelry or as trim for pillows or sewing projects.


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Weight 0.00625 lbs

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