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Beeswaxed Hemp Twine, 48lb, Hemp Wick, Candle Wick -T85

Beeswaxed Hemp Twine, 48lb, Hemp Wick, Candle Wick -T85


Beeswax hemp twine, 1.8mm, 48lb test strength.



Beeswax hemp twine, 1-2mm, 48lb test strength. This is a ball of 100% hemp twine coated in beeswax. The hemp is thickly coated with wax and  is generaly used for crafts,  dreamcatchers,  jewelry making, candle wicks and gardening.  Waxed hemp can be used as an alternative to butane lighters, light  anything from candles to pipes and camping stoves.

Color – Dark green / Brown
Thickness – 1.8 mm
Length – Approximately 200 feet/ 61 meters
20lb test strength
100% beeswax
Ball size – 21/2 inch tall x 2 3/4 inch wide

*Hemp is a natural fiber and imperfections are characteristic. Shades of color vary between batches and may appear lighter or darker on different computer screens.

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Weight 0.25 lbs

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