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Products Made with All Natural, Eco Friendly Hemp!

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Hemp Craft Products

Why use hemp?

Hemp cord,  twine and rope is eco friendly, biodegradable and kind to the earth.   Industrial hemp is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides making it kind to the earth. Hemp products are dyed with  vegetable dye so clean that the water from the dye   bath can return to the rivers and streams. 

Use for Hemp Cord & Twine

Hemp cord  is used for making macrame jewelry, plant hangers, bohemian wall hangings and knotting projects and more. Thread beads and charms to make you own unique creations. You can knit and crochet with hemp  as the fiber  softens during  the dye process. Ideas of how to use hemp in crafts are endless.

Are hemp products safe for babies and pets?

Yes very safe for babies and pets to chew on, tested safe. Glow in the dark hemp cord has no chemicals or pesticides to be of any harm to anyone. If you want  to smoke it you would have to inhale 1000 spools  to notice  anything as hemp grown for fiber contains very little if any THC.

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Hemp Craft Products