It all started with a bag of beads and a ball of hemp – shop owner’s story

After leaving college in Liverpool, England a career job did not interest me but traveling the world did. My mum taught me to macrame at the age of 6 and making hemp jewelry later helped support my world travels for nearly 10 years.

In the 1990’s I managed one of the first hemp stores to open in Colorado, USA and travelled the country attending HIA ( Hemp Industry Association) meetings and hemp trade shows. I started my first business in 2000 after an accident left me unable to work in Australia. All I had at the time was a bag of beads and a ball of hemp and selling hemp jewelry helped pay for a bed at a local youth hostel. I ended up selling so many pieces of jewelry to travelers and local surf shops I opened a stall at Fremantle Markets in Perth and stayed there for two years.

The mountains lured me back to Colorado eventually where i owned and operated two retail stores of my own selling jewelry and accessories. In 2009 a friend suggested i list my handmade jewelry for sale on At the same time I saw the need for a one stop supply shop for hemp jewelry makers and Hemp Beadery was born. Six months later I was able to close the brick and mortar store i was operating and work full time on internet sales.

I love to travel and photography –  I get  outdoors in Americas National Parks and  under the stars to photograph  the Milky Way as often as I can. I think they call it “wanderlust” – I have visited 41 countries around the world and there are many more I would like to see. I recently took a  trip to Iceland stopping over on route to the UK and I got to see the Northern lights three times, wild horses and fantastic scenery.

Lincoln Castle, Uk


Waterfall, South Iceland


Shakespear Stature, Doddington Hall, UK


Sunrise at Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado

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Thank you very much for stopping by! – Claire