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It all started with a bag of beads and a ball of hemp – shop owner’s story

After leaving college in Liverpool, England a career job did not interest me but traveling the world did. My mum taught me to macrame at the age of 6 and making hemp jewelry later helped support my world travels for nearly 10 years.

In the 1990’s I managed one of the first hemp stores to open in Colorado, USA and travelled the country attending HIA ( Hemp Industry Association) meetings and hemp trade shows. I started my first business in 2000 after an accident left me unable to work in Australia. All i had at the time was a bag of beads and a ball of hemp and selling hemp jewelry helped pay for a bed at a local youth hostel. I ended up selling so many pieces of jewelry to travelers and local surf shops i opened a stall at Fremantle Markets in Perth and stayed there for two years. The mountains lured me back to Colorado eventually where i owned and operated two retail stores of my own selling jewelry and accessories. In 2009 a friend suggested i list my handmade jewelry for sale on Etsy.com. At the same time i saw the need for a one stop supply shop for hemp jewelry makers and Hemp Beadery was born. Six months later i was able to close the brick and mortar store i was operating and work full time on internet sales.

Claire Codling Photography

Milky Way over Balanced Rock in Arches National Park

 Photography has become  a full time passion, besides  taking all the images  on the website I   spend as much time as possible in America’s National Parks. I  love to travel and   have visited  41 countries around the world and there are many more I would like to see. I am constantly learning new photography techniques and enjoy capturing the Milky Way and star gazing. 

Chris and Beth’s Western Wedding

If I can  help you with  product images, real estate photos, weddings or want to collaborate on images  for Instagram please get in touch.

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