Welcome to Hemp Beadery’s craft blog. Hemp products can be used to make   hemp jewelry, dream catchers, macrame snowflakes, home decor, hats, belts,  embellish handmade cards  and more! 

Charming Parcels for Christmas Trees.

These tiny parcels hanging from your Christmas will intrigue family and friends who will all wish to know what is inside them!  Wrap your small box in pretty scrapbooking paper, tie with lengths of hemp twine left over from another project and add a Christmas charm before the final knot and bow.  

So what do these boxes of ours contain?  Perhaps a pair of diamond earrings?  Maybe tickets for a round the world cruise?  Money?  Sorry to disappoint you, but they just contain a free give away mini bar of soap from the local store.

Gift Bags

Christmas Gift Bags

Take a pack of mini-sized gift bags, some Christmas charms, a length of thin wire, hemp twine in green and red, a pokey tool and some clear tape and make these decorated gift bags.  The mini-sized bags are an ideal size for special chocolates or hemp jewellery from Hemp Beadery!   

Decorated Chalkboard

Chalkboards are all the rage at the moment, so why not rummage through your craft  stash and decorate a small board for your craft room, kitchen or child’s bedroom? The edges of our board are covered in washi tape, and we found stamped images, paper and lace flowers, hessian, recipes cut from a sheet of scrapbooking paper, paper doilies and tiny gems to creat this design.  

These large clothes-pegs are ideal for keeping paper work together, displaying photos or recipes.  They can stand up, lay flat or be turned on their side, depending on your mood at the time.  Our holder was covered in scrapbooking paper, given a coating of Mod Podge and when dry decorated with flowers, lace, stamped images and tied with brown, turquoise and beige twine.  On the reverse side is the word ‘Peace’.

Eco Friendly Hemp Twine Shopping Bag

Crochet your own eco friendly shopping bag in the color of your choice using our 1 mm hemp twine balls. This bag took approximately 1 1/2 balls of hemp twine. The bag was crocheted by a beginner, and although a crochet expert may notice that there are one or two mistakes in it, the bag is still functional. Take the eco friendly bag with you when you go shopping or store your fruit and vegetables in it. * Please note: There are many free patterns for such bags on the Internet, this bag was based on a number of them, rather than just one pattern.

Wooden Boot Wall Decoration

Take one pre-cut wooden boot and wrap it several times with thick hemp twine about five inches from the top.  Tie twine securely.   Take another length of thick twine and create a hanging cord the required length for your display area.

Decorate it with paper doilies, paper flowers, a stamped poinsettia and anything else you wish, plus a handmade macrame hemp twine snowflake.  

Scroll Decoration for Christmas Tree

This decoration is made from music score paper found in the local thrift store and lengths of hemp twine left over from another project.

Roll up four lengths of paper and secure each scroll with a small piece of tape.  Wrap together in the middle with red twine, making a loop for hanging on the tree.  Wrap both ends with red twine and tie with bows.  Create a paper flower by cutting out three circles in different sizes.  Scrunch circles up, open them out and glue together in the centres, then glue to the scroll.  Decorate edges of flower with gold glitter.  Hang on Christmas tree when dry.

Angel Christmas Gift Tags

The same angel stamp was used on these kraft tags as on the Christmas cards, but with a brown background an entirely different look is achieved. Parts of the angel’s hair and clothing were highlighted with gold glitter, a torn strip of music paper was added at the base and turquoise hemp twine was attached for tying. The tag looks spectacular on a gift wrapped in the music score paper.

Angel Christmas Cards

The angel stamp, music score paper and white buttons were all treasures found in the local thrift store. Some of the images stamped weren’t perfect, but a white button threaded and tied with red hemp twine hides any imperfection. Gold glitter highlighted stars, harp and halo, and a torn strip of music paper finished the cards off. The end result is a clear and simple set of cards.

New Products

New hemp products and waxed cord for macrame and jewelry making are here! An exciting new range of hemp cords in fairy, unicorn and magical collections will add fun and sparkle to your jewelry designs. Waxed polyester cord from Brazil is perfect for making anklets and friendship bracelets. Seafoam Green is a cool new hemp color in 1mm that is perfect compliment to the teal we created and added to the Hemptique line a few years ago. What is your favorite?

Waxed polyester cord 1mm from Brazil

New Seafoam Green hemp cord, 1mm thickness
Seafoam Green ( second from right) is the perfect color to match with teal, aquamarine and turquoise