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Hawaii face mask

How to Make a Bandana Face mask

On April 04, 2020 | Knitting and Crochet | Leave a Comment

The coronavirus pandemic requires us to wear a face mask. Here is an idea on how to quickly make one using a cotton banana, elastic hair ties or a piece of hemp string.

Face mask made from a Cotton Bandana

First fold the cotton bandana in half, then fold in half again, and again.

Use elastic hair ties or cut a piece of hemp cord and tie a bow to make the ear loops. Put the hair ties or cord of choice onto the bandana in position as shown.

Tuck one end of the bandana into the other end and it is ready to wear. Place the elastic hair ties or hemp cord around ears and adjust tightness as necessary.

If you find the elastic too tight try using string or cotton cord and tie a bow. For this bandana we used 2mm hemp cord. It is recommenced to place some type of filter inside the mask – research the best material but we found a coffee filter will work.

This mask will not save you from getting coronavirus but wearing one can help stop the spread. Hopefully we wont be wearing them for too long but in the meantime wash the mask between use and stay safe!