Origami Christmas Star Wreath

A lucky find of a scruffy old children’s song book in a Thrift Store led to the creation of this five pointed origami star wreath.   The  book contained the words and music to popular Christmas carols, which were ideal for turning into the origami stars.  

origami star Christmas wreath

There are many sites on the Internet explaining how to make a five pointed origami star, but beware, once you get the hang of making them it can become addictive!  

The base of the wreath is a MDF flower ring, covered with a circle of red card.  The stars were embellished with white buttons and threaded with green or red hemp twine* and fixed to the ring with double sided tape.  Red hemp twine is used for the hanging cord.

See our other Christmas Star Wreath for further ideas.          

*Twines are   available in many colors from Hemp Beadery.

Christmas Tree Star Decorations

Make fun star and angel decorations for your tree with paper, hemp, wood beads  and tassels

Christmas star decorations
Die cut, or cut out by hand, stars in four sizes, using silver, red and brown craft card, plus scraps of co-ordinating paper.  Attach the first three stars together with double sided tape, adding the smallest star with a sticky pad.

Punch small holes top and bottom of each star and using red hemp cord* thread through the butterfly clip angel, decorated with a snowflake charm* at the bottom and to make a hanging cord at the top. Use a two inch red tassel* on the other star.  

This is a simple craft that children will enjoy doing.  Any extra stars can be threaded together to make a longer hanging decoration. 

*Starred items available from Hempbeadery, plus the wooden bead used for the angel’s head.

Christmas Star Wreath

origami Christmas wreath, handmade Christmas decorThe wreath was based on a  MDF flower ring, but one could be easily cut from strong cardboard.  The base was covered with star shapes cut from a pad of heavy weight scrapbooking papers, and nine were made into 3D stars in co-ordinating colours.  The buttons were purchased from a Thrift Store and threaded with red or aqua hemp cord*.  Die cut snow flakes filled in some of the larger spaces and were embellished with a tiny silver gem.  The purple ribbon for hanging the wreath was left over from the Crocheted Dreamcatcher.     

The base stars were fixed in place with double sided tape.  It would have been quicker to use a hot glue gun to attach the 3D stars and buttons, but for those of us who cannot use a hot glue gun without burning several fingers each time, sticky pads were cut to size and used instead!

*Red and aqua hemp cord available from Hempbeadery.

Snowman Card Three Different Ways

Three black cards, two different stamps, three die cut snowmen, lengths of lilac hemp twine*, blue and pink bakers twine*, a few colored pens and Stickles or glitter of your choice are the materials required for this card.

The pine forest was stamped first  in light grey ink on a square of white card, slightly smaller than the black card, and lightly covered with sparkly Stickles.  The sentiment was stamped in the left hand corner.  Twine was wrapped round the square and secured, then the snowmen were fixed in place with sticky pads.  The snowmen’s’ hats were colored to match the twine and, finally, a squiggly border in grey was added before the white square was secured to the black card.  

Because the card used was black, a white page was inserted inside so the greeting could be hand written.  

These cards can be made in any size and shape, depending on the materials to hand.

*Twines available from Hemp Beadery.

Reindeer Merry Christmas Card

This is a quick and easy card to make if you are pushed for time or wish to make a batch all the same.

Stamp the pine forest in the centre of the card, lightly cover with Stickles or glitter of your own choice.  Die cut two reindeer and fix in front of the forest.  Draw a red line round the edge of the card.  Die cut a white tag and stamp Merry Christmas or another  suitable greeting on it, thread through a short length of red hemp twine* and fix to card with sticky pad.

*Red hemp twine available from Hemp Beadery.

Red and White Merry Christmas Card

The red die cut Merry Christmas on white card says it all!  We just added tiny stamped holly leaves in two corners, a little glitter on the red berries, and a silver border before fixing the white square to a black card. 

Red and white bakers twine* wrapped around the card and tied added the final touch.

*Available from Hemp Beadery.

How To Make A Hemp Macrame Snowflake

hemp macrame snowflakeThis is a macrame snowflake that anyone new to macrame can make – or someone who only knows how to tie a square knot.

Materials required: one spool of 1mm white hemp cord or twine, 32 seed beads, one 1/2 inch plastic washer from the hardware store. Purchase the hemp cord and seed beads at Hemp Beadery


Plastic washers are inexpensive and can be found at the hardware store, we used a 1/2 inch diameter washer for the center of the snowflake.

Start by cutting 18 lengths of cord approximately 28 inches long and attach to the washer with larks head knots.


Using four cords at a time tie three rows of alternating square knots around the center.


On the fourth row or layer of square knots add a seed bead to each of the next 4 cords and then tie two more square knots after the beads.


On the 6th row tie one round of square knots leaving approximately 1/2 inch of cord either side of the square knot to ensure it lies flat.


Tie three fairly tight square knots in line with the two flat knots above the last round.

macrame snowflake

Tie an overhand knot at the end of the last four cords used for hanging up the snowflake. Trim the ends of the remaining cords and you are ready to hang the snowflake on your tree!