Tassel And Bead Purse Accessory

Make a tassel key chain with cotton tassels and wood  beads

To make this bright and cheerful purse accessory, you will need:

6 x 1.5 inch tassels in colors of your choice
10 x 8 mm wooden beads
2 glass beads
1 split ring
1 Key chain clip
Needle and strong thread


Cut a long length of thread and attach the tassels individually, tying a knot in the thread between each tassel.  Thread the needle through the two glass beads, then the ten wooden beads.  Pass the needle through the split ring and tie the thread securely under the wooden beads so that they form a circle.

Attach a purse clip to the split ring and your purse accessory is finished.

tassel keychain

Tassel Wall Hanging

We adore the richness of the colors of all of our different sizes of tassels, but we decided to use just a few of the vibrant blues and purple shades in this project, with some peach and white for highlights.

To make the wall hanging you will require:
1 dowelling rod
Natural hemp twine*
Silver thread
Lengths of ribbon of different colors
7 large tassels*
6 x 1 1/2 inch tassels*
10-12 silver charms*
4 pink pompoms*
 Thread natural hemp twine through the large tassels with a wool needle, tying the ends with a reef knot and then pulling the knot through the tassel top so that the knot is hidden.  Attach the hemp and tassel to the rod with a lark’s head knot and tighten.  Repeat this exercise with both large and small tassels.
Choose ribbons that match or co-ordinate with the tassel colors, attach to the rod with a lark’s head knot again.  Pull the ribbon to tighten the knot, a process which may have to be repeated more than once as the ribbons easily become loose.
Choose a selection of your favourite charms and attach with silver thread.  This wall hanging includes charms representing nature and the outdoors.
 To finish, tie a length of natural hemp twine to the ends for hanging and attach two pink pompoms to each end.
Hang your wall hanging in any room in your home, but it will also look lovely hanging out of doors on a warm summer evening with a gentle breeze blowing through the ribbons and tassels.
*All starred items are available to purchase from Hempbeadery’s large range.