Christmas Tree Star Decorations

Christmas Tree Star Decorations

Make fun star and angel decorations for your tree with paper, hemp, wood beads  and tassels

Christmas star decorations
Die cut, or cut out by hand, stars in four sizes, using silver, red and brown craft card, plus scraps of co-ordinating paper.  Attach the first three stars together with double sided tape, adding the smallest star with a sticky pad.

Punch small holes top and bottom of each star and using red hemp cord* thread through the butterfly clip angel, decorated with a snowflake charm* at the bottom and to make a hanging cord at the top. Use a two inch red tassel* on the other star.  

This is a simple craft that children will enjoy doing.  Any extra stars can be threaded together to make a longer hanging decoration. 

*Starred items available from Hempbeadery, plus the wooden bead used for the angel’s head.