Hemp Dancing Bell Anklet


Hemp Dancing Bell Anklet made out of natural hemp cord, metal bells and natural hemp fiber. The anklet can be taken on and off with a bead and loop clasp and can be made any length or color of hemp you like.

This anklet can be customized

1) Choose the length

2) Choose clasp style, bead and loop or loose ends to tie.

3) Choose hemp color

Measuring Length

Place a tape measure around your ankle, not too tight and not too loose and record the measurement in inches. Allow an extra 1/2 inch for the clasp and add an extra inch if you wish the anklet to be loose fitting. The measurement recorded with the tape is the length of the macrame work and the extra 1/2 inch is for the clasp and looseness of fitting.

*Handmade item, made  in Colorado, USA

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