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Cowrie Shell Necklace, Wax Polyester Cord, Made To Order

Cowrie Shell Necklace, Wax Polyester Cord, Made To Order


Made to order



Cowrie shell necklace made with waxed polyester cord and cowrie shells. This necklace can be extended and taken on and off with a slip knot clasp.   Choose the length by measuring ( see how to below) and let us know how long you want it made via cart options. The color of cord used in the photo is neon pink but there are others to choose from. The waxed cord is slightly sticky due to being waxed. This type of cord will last longer than hemp or cotton cord in water but as with any jewelry it will not last forever if constantly wet and dried so it is still best to take it off when going swimming. Colors available in waxed cord are a bit limited at the moment and if you dont want it made with waxed polyester cord and prefer hemp or cotton just let us know. (there are a lot more color choices available for hemp – but hemp is not waxed or waterproof).

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Measuring Length

Place a tape measure around your neck and measure to where you want the pendant or focal bead to hang. Record this length in inches and allow an extra 1/2 inch for the clasp part. The measurement recorded with the tape is the length of the macrame work and the extra 1/2 inch is for the clasp and looseness of fitting.

Item is made to order – please allow 2-3 days before shipping.

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Waxed Cord Color

aqua, blue, light blue, neon orange, neon pink, neon yellow, pink, red, white

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