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Small Bone Tube Beads 12mm, 15 Inch Strand -B3068

Small Bone Tube Beads 12mm, 15 Inch Strand -B3068


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Bone tube beads carved from cow bone. No two beads are the same shape or size but each bead averages 12mm long x 6-8mm thick. Bead holes measure 2mm but some are larger than others. No two beads are exactly the same due to being hand carved some are thinner than others and some do have imperfections.

There are approximately 32 beads per strand, you will receive one 15 inch strand.

Bone beads are hand carved from cow bone and either tea stained or dyed to create the natural colors. Imperfections are characteristic of bone beads, size and shape will vary and no two beads are exactly the same. Measurements and quantity of beads per strand are approximate and shades of color may vary between batches.

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Weight 0.15625 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

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