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Horn Tusk Pendant, 1pc, 3 1/4 inch -BN145

Horn Tusk Pendant, 1pc, 3 1/4 inch -BN145


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Buffalo horn pendant, hand crafted by artisans in India, no two are the same. Color varies from dark to light brown, size is approximately 3 1/4 inches long x 1 inch wide at the top. The metal decoration and bail is made from an indian base metal. The loop at the top for a chain is 6mm diameter.

Each piece is unique, no two are exactly the same, shades of color and pattern vary. Imperfections are characteristic, gemstones may not sit perfectly in the holes, metal might be discolored in parts. Some are solid color and some are two tone. They are unique boho tribal style pendants that are not intended to be perfect. The one you receive will be picked at random and they are sold as is.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.5 in

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