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Photoplanks, Set of Two, Made to Order

Photoplanks, Set of Two, Made to Order


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Genuine wood boards for photographing products, jewelry, food and creating art boards for social media. These boards were designed by us and are handcrafted right here in Colorado by a local artisan who has been in the wood crafting business for over 40 years. If, like us, you are tired of looking for the right wood backdrop for your photography and require something you can use outdoors that will not fall over in the wind, then Photoplanks may be the answer for you.

The two boards slot together creating a base and backdrop that will not collapse on your products. They are sturdy, and you can move the boards to wherever the best light is without worrying about wind direction. The set of two will sit on a table, your lawn, or open up the trunk of your car and the board will sit inside – it is an instant photo studio!

Why buy real wood rather than vinyl or fake wood boards?: We found over the years that vinyl backdrops were too shiny, hard to store to keep them flat and never looked quite right in photos. After wasting hundreds of dollars buying fake wood backdrops and vinyl roll ups, we finally realised you just can’t beat the look of real wood! Our boards are stained and painted with a matte finish so they are protected from scratches and reflective shine. We use these boards for our product photos and find them easy to work with and have the rustic look we require. They make editing photos fast and easy and products stand out and look professional.

Sold as a set of two that connect together:

3 sizes available

SMALL: 17 x17 inches

MEDIUM : 25 x 20 inches

LARGE: 30 x 25 inches

WOOD TYPE: Made from genuine natural wood, including barn wood and blue spruce, then distressed with a variety of milk paint and wood stains.

COLOR: Color and finish will be as shown in the photo, but due to being handcrafted, the boards you receive may be a lighter or darker shade than it appears to be on your computer screen.

CAN I ORDER TWO DIFFERENT COLORS?: Yes, it is possible to order a different color backdrop or different color base (mismatched).  All boards are made to order after you check out, so just contact us, or write a note to seller, if you have a special request for color combination.

PRODUCTION TIME: All boards are made to order after you check out.  Production time is 3-4 days before shipping, but if this time frame cannot be met we will always notify you.

STORAGE: Store indoors in a dry environment and do not leave outside in the rain. If the wood becomes wet it will warp and then the two pieces will not fit together.

*Photo props not included.  (I know you want them.)


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17 x 17 Inches, 25 x 20 Inches, 30 x 25 Inches

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